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Beaverbrooks Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Beaverbrooks Black Friday statistical analysis by Fiona;

Everybody knows about Beaverbrooks, what is there to say? It's a giant of UK culture. But it appears to be somewhat reluctant to adopt black Friday culture. This isn't to say that aren't discounts on Black Friday, I will explain further what I mean as this goes on. Beaverbrooks has experienced excellent growth year on year for it's Black Friday discounts. In 2014 they had over 200000 people visiting the Beaverbrooks website on Black Friday. This increased 83% the next year to just under 400000 people. And finally the last year there was growth of 22% up to just about half a million people. These numbers are absolutely huge, and that was number nine on our largest Sales List last year, from the 475 retailers we looked at. This is all the more surprising as Beaverbrooks have been seen to distance himself some pot from Black Friday itself. Rather than labelling the same as a site wide sale, they called it a gifting weekend. We personally find this choice somewhat strange, as almost every other retailer in the UK has embraced Black Friday and this seems a somewhat a half measure. But I'll admit I am not an expert on corporate strategy. I'm not entirely sure what would be in store for this year, given the volume of traffic there will be discounts but I don't know if it will be as uncertain as last year.

Beaverbrooks Black Friday last year:

In the run up to Black Friday, Beaverbrooks had various offers on the week off Black Friday. Nearly 30% of homeware on tuesday, 30% off party on Wednesday, 30% off festive Family Favourites on Thursday and finally and up to 50% off sale on black Friday at self. The Black Friday sale ran for 5 days and finished on the 30th of November 2016. It's an interest strategy to run different offers each day on the run up to Black Friday, but it will certainly keep keen customers checking the website each day. If this follows the same strategy this year, we can expect a series of sales during the week and then on Black Friday itself there will be a sale which runs for 5 days. However, given the reduction in the number of people visiting the website last year I imagine they could change the format possibly to fall in line with other retailers who pushed Black Friday hard, even prior to Friday self.

Beaverbrooks Black Friday delivery:

Beaverbrooks doesn't offer click and collect services, however you can get free standard delivery on orders over £50. If your purchase is under the threshold, standard delivery cost £3.99.

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