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Converse Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Converse Black Friday last year;

Converse has regular sales and discounts throughout the year, and that's no different in November. In early November they had a general sale with up to 50% off selected items. On November 11, this value was reduced to 70%. Black Friday began on Tuesday of last year, where a Winter Wonder Sale is offered with a 20% discount on everything including free delivery. This Ryan until November 29, finely changed in 50% of festive goodies. Although the 20% discount is more than the other November sales, you do not have to website that Wade is offering free delivery. This is a great opportunity to buy the latest Lions of shoes at a discounted price rather than buying the end of the season. Converse seems to be another retailer still focused on selling on Boxing Day. This is understandable as retailers will try not to reduce sales after the Christmas rush, but given the high demand and movement of competitors, it might be a reasonable choice to compete with a Black Friday deal. also. Everywhere to speculate, if the Converse Black Friday discount takes place this year, Tuesday, November 21 will be a best estimate.


Converse Black Friday delivery:

Ashworth standard policy at Converse, we offer free click and collect on Black Friday. Of course, we recommend you to visit the store if he is not busy picking up your order. Alternatively you can have a normal standard delivery for £ 3.50. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer free delivery.


Converse Black Friday 2017 Summary:

Converse is an excellent source for big brand shoes, not least for coaches. So juggling and stopping so many brands, I can understand how it could be difficult to offer a long-running day, which is on several products. For this reason, they have often chosen discounts for the line and there is no sale on Black Friday. It will be interesting to see if Converse will promote Black Friday this year, as the number of visitors to the site has dropped dramatically over the past year, after having made little publicity for the event. This may be a corporate strategy to avoid the event, but obviously we do not know the cause behind it. Hoping for a discount for the whole page, I can speculate that it will be much the same this year.



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