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Estee Lauder Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Estee Lauder Black Friday last year.


As with many retailers last year, Estee Lauder Black Friday Sale did not actually start on Friday, it started on Wednesday, November 23, 2016. In fact, we found that the night of Thursday, November 24 was as popular as the night of the 25th. Estee Lauder had a sale before Black Friday on November 11, 2016, where they presented 20% of all styles, this offer was made for. of end point, the duration of the last Black Friday was from November 23 to November 30. So there's a whole week free of promotions, and then that. An additional discount like some other retailers. Respect that your Black Friday sale has not been as strong as that of other retailers because the 30% discount is not particularly high, in fact it is quite low compared to other stores. Hello, the father and the analysis of dates are very old to see if this was related to online promotion or off-line promotion reductions year after year.


Estee Lauder Black Friday's statistics:


In 2013, the consumer started looking for the sale of Estee Lauder Black Friday, but it was not until 2014 when it was adopted. In 2014, around 25,000 people looked for Estee Lauder Black Friday and this increased by 50% in 2015, which meant a change of 45,000 people. The growth trend stopped last year, rather stabilized with the same search number. This year we estimate that Estee Lauder will seek to increase its turnover by offering a long sale time and more exhaustively publicize existing customers. Estee Lauder, what is the 32nd second biggest black Friday sale of the 450 stores that we monitor, and in the top 10 for home retailers.


Estee Lauder overview and delivery options:


Estee Lauder is a mid-to-high-end home retailer with women's fashion options. Known for its floral styles, this is an international brand that is easily recognized by its own patron. We like a note on joules clothing with strong individuality. Black Friday at Estee Lauder will offer free clicks and charges on all purchases, however, we recommend that you wait until later to pick up your items, as it will obviously be very busy that day. Standard delivery costs £ 3.95, but delivery is free for items over £ 40.


Last year, Estee Lauder Black Friday:


Estee Lauder was one of the only retailers that really started Black Friday on Friday. And we suspect it will be the same this year. Before November Black Friday, Estee Lauder offers a final 40% reduction from November 7 through November 14. Additional lines were added to Black Friday, since 40% was advertised as the discount percentage on that day of sale. The sale of Estee Lauder ended immediately after Black Friday and you had to wait until Christmas Day to have another sale, which was also up to a 40% discount. This is a current trend with Estee Lauder sales when they are found throughout

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