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Hackett Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Hackett Black Friday 2017 information

Here are Black Friday Boxing Day we love Hackett, the quality of the clothing is excellent and the sale on Black Friday is hard to beat. In the last three years with seen Hackett Black Friday have it sale both online and in-store. Since 2013 they have seen an enormous rise in the number of visitors to the website, we estimate that around 12,000 people visited Black Friday off 2014 and this number more than doubled to 25,000 visitors and 2015. This unbelievable rise in Black Friday searches is partly to do with consumer demand for Black Friday, which is growing year on year, and also to do with quality of the Hackett Black Friday sale. We expect to see strong online promotion from the retailer, and featured ads across Facebook and AdSense. In 2016 they saw slight increase in the number of visitors by around 15%, this meant that the retailer was able to achieve growth year-on-year which is pretty impressive seeing as number of retailers that in the number of traffic in 2016. We do not believe the stuff in traffic is a trend, rather than an adjustment to the amount of competition online from other retailers offering Black Friday deals.

Guessing what Hackett Black Friday 2017 will look like

To estimate Hackett’s Black Friday sale, we will look at their 2016 offerings. As previously mentioned the sale itself started two days early on 23 November 2016, and featured a whopping 30% off site wide. Starting the sale early isn’t unique to Hackett, is almost under practice. In fact this year, we have seen many retailers start the Black Friday sales almost one week early. They are looking to capitalise on the number of people searching for Black Friday over that period. With the start of November, Hackett offered 20% off selected styles, the was nothing else on offer until the Hackett Black Friday itself. Hackett isn’t known for running many sales throughout the year, which makes the Black Friday seal even more important. In our personal opinion, this is one of her favourite Black Friday sales. As from a retailer which doesn’t offer sales frequently, the quality of calls is excellent, and the always put on a good event for consumers. I for one will be visiting at frequently to ensure that we catch the start date just in case the start date shifts in line with other consumers which are bringing further forward. Please check this page regularly as we will update as soon as it happens

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