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Mac Cosmetics Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Mac Cosmetics Black Friday statistical analysis:

Luxury retailer Mac Cosmetics has seen excellent online growth in the last three years. This has been reflected in their Black Friday statistics with regards to the number of people visiting their website during that period. However, there's a very strange enomly with the statistics which will go into further detail now. List online retailers so large growth between 2013 2014 with regards to Black Friday, further growth in 2015 and then there has been a mixture of increase and decline for 2016, with a greater number in the latter. Mac Cosmetics however, according to statistics, so an excellent jump from 2013-14 and then a 33% decline in 2015. This is highly unusual and makes me suspect that the statistics may not be accurate or they have been collated in a different fashion. Either way, we will assume they're correct from now on. The increase in 2016 surpasses the total for 2014, so this made at their largest ever Black Friday year. Thankfully, Mac Cosmetics has adopted the Black Friday holiday and has offered discount clothing on this day.

Mac Cosmetics Black Friday 2017 summary:

Mac Cosmetics is an excellent source of big brand shoes, not least in trainers. Giving so many brands to juggle and stop I can understand how it could be hard to offer wide-ranging day what's on multiple products. That is why they often have selected line discounts and there isn't a sitewide sale on Black Friday itself. It will be interesting to see if Mac Cosmetics promote Black Friday this year, as last year the number of visitors drop dramatically to the website after having little promotion to do with the event. This may be a corporate strategy to shy away from the event however we obviously don't know the root cause behind it. Hoping for a sitewide discount, however, I may speculate it will be much of the same this year.

Mac Cosmetics delivery and collection;

Mac Cosmetics has free click and collect on all orders, and complimentary delivery when you spend over £49. Standard delivery cost £4.95, and express delivery is an option at a premium.

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