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Marks and Spencer Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Marks and Spencers Black Friday statistical analysis of Fiona; Everyone knows Marks and Spencers, what is there to say? It is a giant of British culture. However, it seems to be somewhat reluctant to adopt the Black Friday culture. This is not to say that no discounts on Black Friday, I will further explain what I mean as this continues. Marks and Spencer's has been a great growth for its Black Friday discounts every year. In 2014 more than 200,000 people visited the website of Marks and Spencer on Black Friday. This has risen by 83% to just under 400,000 in the coming year. And last year there was a growth of 22% to nearly half a million people. These figures are absolutely great and that was number nine on our biggest sales list last year, of the 475 traders we've looked at. This is all the more surprising as Marks and Spencers were seen to distance themselves from a pot of Black Friday. Instead of marking the same as a location-wide sale, she called it a donating weekend. We find this decision somewhat strange as almost every other retailer in the UK has adopted Black Friday, and that seems to be a half measure. But I admit that I am not an expert in corporate strategy. I'm not quite sure what will be planned for this year, there will be discounts in terms of traffic, but I do not know if it will be as uncertain as last year. Marks and Spencer Black Friday Sale 2016: In the course of November, there were sporadic discounts on individual items, for example, 25% of cases of wine, £ 5 on selected buquets, and 3 for 2 on Christmas items. On the 24th of November, the day before Black Friday, Mark and Spencer had a 50% favorable and gifting weekend. It was a selection of gifts, which were strongly devalued with the idea of ​​being given as a Christmas present. There were no discounts on clothes or food. We believe that it can be an idea to offer discount clothing, even with a 25% discount, to satisfy the visitors. On a black Friday at Marks and Spencers sit. I imagine it will often be disappointed that there is a black Friday selection missing, they could probably explain the effectiveness of the strategy by the conversion rates of the visitors on Black Friday. Again, we do not have access to these statistics, but it definitely rejects the trend of the biggest British retailers. We hope that the discounts next year will also include clothing. If it is the same as last year, the discounts begin on November 23, Thursday. It is worth mentioning that the Marking and Spencers Boxing Day, which starts on Boxing Day, has a 50% discount on many items. I have the impression that they want it, instead of promoting the Black Friday itself. Marks and Spencers Black Friday delivery; Marks and Spencers were always excellent with the Click and Collect service, you can buy everything at any price and pick up the next day. We recommend that you collect on a day other than Black Friday as the number of visitors in the stores increases significantly. For orders over 50 € you will receive a shipping fee of 3.99 € if you do not reach this threshold. In this case you can better gather in the shop. Marks and Spencers Black Friday Summary; I love Marks and Spencer as much as anyone else and want to see a discount that is wide and wide, but that can be Wishful Thinking. I feel like calling the number of people looking for Marks and Spencers Black Friday. There will be even more pressure on them to grant a discount to visitors to the online site. If I were to speculate, it would really depend on the financial figures of the year whether they might devalue the clothes that may have been bought at the full price for the bargain hunters around the Black Friday. But do not underestimate bargain hunters, there are over half a million of them on this site around Black Friday. Given the high conversion rate of these visitors, there could be a turnover of two months in October and September.

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