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Molton Brown Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Statistics Molton Brown Black Friday:

After a rapid increase in the number of Black Friday visitors in 2013. The Black Friday trend in 2014. This or tenfold growth and visitors followed by a peak in 2015 with a further increase in attendance of 60%. Last year saw a decline of 18%. Most of us retailers presumably, the Molton Brown would probably push for this year with the larger discount or an online TV campaign to increase sales. Although this might be difficult because last year they offered 25% on everything including sales positions when they had an existing sale of 50%.

Molton Brown Black Friday last year:

Molton Brown showed moderation last year regarding the discount before Christmas. We only saw one discount and that was Black Friday itself. And as mentioned above, the discount was 10% in nature, which is modest compared to any other beauty retailer. From the arbitrary search, Black Friday is much bigger than Boxing Day, and it is several times larger than previous January sales towards the end of the 20th century.

And if I had to point and an online retailer that is still focused on Christmas discounts, Molton Brown would probably take the prize. That is, the last sale of Black Friday was only 3 days, and December presented three discounts and a total. These included; Free gift with orders over £ 60, on December 2, 2016. Free mask with orders over £ 50 on December 20, 2016 and, finally, the sale of Molton Brown that started the same day of boxing. We note that the Molton Brown stamp had discounts of more than 30%, you may want to wait until after the day of boxing to get a deal.

Summary Molton Brown Black Friday

Molton Brown will look for a good performance this year after the small fall of last year. It might be useful to start the sale earlier in the week; There may be other factors, such as promotion to existing customers and online advertising, that could be used. Molton Brown is my favorite cosmetics company for bathrooms, and with the cheapest discount rate I am happy to buy.

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