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Musto Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Musto Black Friday's Summary


Musto will be looking for a strong performance this year after the small drop of last year. Perhaps starting the sale earlier in the week would help, I may be that other factors such as promoting to existing customers and online advertising that could be used. Musto is my favorite bathroom cosmetics company, and at the cheaper discounted rate I am happy enough to buy.

Musto Black Friday statistical analysis:


The exclusive online retailer Musto is known for its personalized gifts and unique gifts. For me personally, I know him for his various reductions that took place throughout the year. Musto Black Friday's 2016 sale was our 24th largest sale with 40,000 people visiting their website on Black Friday. It was our largest exclusive gift site in the UK. Like many other retailers, sales of Black Friday began in 2014. Trepied reached a peak of 70,000 people in 2015. However, it saw a 45% reduction last year according to a statistic. Personally, I really like the gifts they have to offer, they are authentically unique, and they bring more sentimentality to the giving process.


Musto Black Friday last year:


In the race for Black Friday, Musto had various offers on Black Friday Week. Nearly 30% of household items on Tuesdays, 30% off the party on Wednesdays, 30% off family feast on Thursdays, and up to 50% off Black Friday at home. The black Friday sale lasted 5 days and ended on November 30, 2016. It is interesting to offer different offers every day on the eve of Black Friday, but every day, enthusiastic customers will stay on the site. If this follows the same strategy this year, we can expect a series of sales during the week and then, on Black Friday, there will be a sale that will last 5 days. However, considering the reduction in the number of people visiting the site last year, I imagine they could change the format to get in line with other retailers who pushed Black Friday hard even before Friday.


delivery Musto:


Unsurprisingly, there is no click and collect because there are no stores to collect. And unfortunately, there is no option for free shipping, standard delivery starts at £ 3.95. It will take between 3 and 5 business days, but they also have a delivery option followed at a high cost.


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