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Oasis Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Oasis Black Friday 2017 statistical analysis by the Black Friday Boxing Day editor:

oasis is one of my all-time favourite shops, the quality of clothing is excellent, the style is literary and just as importantly the very reasonably priced. Which makes even more painful to see that they haven’t adopted the Black Friday season yet. This is all rather surprising trend singing as many our rival competitors have made Black Friday a staple for the sales calendars. Alternatively, they have targeted traditional Boxing Day sales, or should I say Christmas sales could run towards the end of December. I personally think that is a good chance that there will be an oasis Black Friday 2017 in some shape or form seeing as the number of people searching for their Black Friday sale has increased year-on-year, for the last five years in total. If they chose to run a Black Friday sale, it would be ranked in the top 20 Black Friday sales throughout the UK through sheer volume of visitors alone. When taking into account average basket of goods it should also break into the top 40.

To put the growth into perspective let me share some numbers with you; in 2014 20,000 visitors went to their website looking for the Black Friday sale, this increase fourfold to 80,000 people in 2015 and somewhat plateaued and 90,000 visitors in 2016. Even running a very modest discounted sale would be enough to satisfy and utilise the customers who are looking for a bargain.

Oasis Black Friday trends throughout November and December:

although they didn’t feature Black Friday sale, they offered 30% off selected lines from 2 November to the fifth. On 11 November they had 10% of all online orders and this lasted for three days. Then there was a long wait until the Black Friday sales which started on 20 December and featured 50% of both an online and in-store.

Oasis Black Friday 2017 delivery options:

oasis is yet to offer click and collect at their stores and that isn’t any threshold for free delivery on orders. This may be down to tighter margins on the clothing products. You have the option of standard delivery which costs £3.50, and you could expect to exceed five days to receive that. Is also Expedia to delivery for an extra cost.

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