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PC World Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

PC World Black Friday statistics:


After a sharp increase in the number of Black Friday visitors in 2013, PC World 2014 took on the Black Friday trend. This or tenfold growth and visitors followed by a peak in 2015 with a further 60% increase in visitor numbers. There has been a drop of 18% over the past year so they will try to change this year. That's pretty unusual. Most retailers have experienced year-over-year growth and our statistics show average growth of 40% over the last year. Probably the PC World would probably push this year with the larger discount or an online TV campaign to increase sales. Although this might be difficult, last year they offer a 25% discount on everything including sales items if they had an existing sale of 50%.


PC World Black Friday last year:


PC World last year Black Friday was the 31st most popular black friday sale in the UK (out of the 475 stores we monitored) we estimate that they saw 36,000 Black Friday visitors. Is usual in many shops, black Friday does not actually start on Friday. And just as with PC World, they introduced discounts during November 2016. On November 4, PC World had a 30% discount on lingerie and sleepwear sales, this ran until November 11, when it was then reduced to 50% off selected items. Without a break from the sales, PC World then had Black Friday on Wednesday, when it had up to 50% on everything. Two days later they had an additional 25% discount. The Black Friday Sale ran until November 1, 2016, so we estimate that this year you have a whole week to buy from them. As always, we encourage you to check in early to make sure you have the size and availability you need.


PC World Black Friday statistics;


PC World took Black Friday and 2014 and saw a rapid increase in traffic to the site. It jumped from an estimated 2000 people to 36000 people in 2014. The best growth continued until 2015, with a further increase from 100% to 72000 people. Brother surprisingly the low last year, this or I will drop about 33% in the number of visiting visitors. The statistics we referred to here are mainly from Similarweb, so there might be a margin for error here.


PC World ranked 28th out of 475 stores we interviewed last year. This is an incredibly strong performance especially for a clothing brand. We imagine that they will be back on track this year after the 30% sales amount last year.

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