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Pretty Green Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Pretty Green Black Friday statistics analysis by Black Friday expert:


Popular clothing retailer Pretty Green has experienced strong growth in the last 5 years, in part due to its strong sales strategy, which occupies a large part of the younger middle-to-high-end demographic clothing market. This has somewhat depressed in their Black Friday visitor numbers. Pretty Green has taken Black Friday sales in 2014 in line with most other major retailers. Lisa recorded a strong 800% increase in visitors from 2013 a14 with around 60,000 visitors a day. There was a short plateau with the same number of visitors in 2015, but they have seen growth of 22% over the last year, which is certainly will be pleasing. I suspect that this may be related to their address of online advertising and frequent sales and discounts. Pretty Green was the 24th largest Black Friday sale in 2016 out of the 450 stores surveyed. What is the recent recovery in the economy middle to high-range companies have seen a rise in revenue, away from low-price retailers. This could be reflected in this black Friday, where we expect strong growth in Pretty Green traffic.


Pretty Green Black Friday 2016 analysis:


As mentioned above, Pretty Green is known to have several discounts during the month, most of them being niches and nature, that is, only on one area of ??clothing. Last November, they spent £ 80 away from £ 20 spending, which lasted only one day, which was November 2, 2016. This was followed by 3 for 2 on socks and 20% on sweaters and cardigans, lasting a week. The Pretty Green Black Friday sale started on November 24, this was Thursday. It offered 50% off for the entire weekend and ended on Tuesday. We expect the Pretty Green Black Friday sale to start at least one day earlier this year. On November 30, they returned to the usual sales like 10 pound hoodies and 20 pound sweatshirts. It is worth noting that in December Pretty Green had 20% off everything from the 5th and had 25% on everything on the 14th. Each of them lasted only one day. The Box Day sale started on Christmas Eve, with up to 50% off, as you'll find, this is the same discount as presented on Black Friday.


Pretty Green Black Friday delivery and pick up;


Fortunately, Pretty Green offers a free click and collects all items ordered on Black Friday. Or Thursday for that matter. Once again, we recommend that you pick up the items before Black Friday or after, as it will be a very tiring day. If you want to have the items delivered, the free standard delivery on all orders is over £ 60, with orders lower than the standard delivery of £ 3.95.

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