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Smyths Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Smyths Black Friday statistical analysis of Fiona;


Everyone knows about Smyths, what is there to say? It is a giant of British culture. But it seems a bit hesitant to accept the black Friday culture. This does not mean that there are no discounts on Black Friday, I will continue to explain what I mean by how this goes on. Smyths has experienced excellent growth for its Black Friday discounts compared to last year. In 2014, they visited over 200,000 visitors to the Smyths website on Black Friday. This increased by 83% next year to almost 400,000 people. And last year there was a growth of 22% to nearly half a million people. These numbers are absolutely huge, and that was the number nine on our biggest sales list in the last year from the 475 retailers we looked at. This is even more surprising as Smyths saw him take a pot from Black Friday. They did not call it a local sale, but called it a gift weekend. Personally, we find this election a bit strange as almost every other UK retailer has accepted Black Friday and this seems like a half measure. But I admit that I'm not an expert on corporate strategy. I am not sure what would come this year, given the volume of traffic there will be discounts, but I do not know if it will be as uncertain as last year.


Smyths Black Friday sale 2016:


Over the course of November there were sporadic discounts on individual items, for example 25% of the cases of wine, £ 5 of selected buquets and 3 for 2 on Christmas items. On November 24, the day before Black Friday, Smyths had a 50% off weekend. This was a selection of gifts that were heavily discounted with the idea of ??being given as a Christmas present. There were no discounts on clothes or food. We think it can be an idea to offer discounted clothing, even with a 25% discount, to please the visitors. Sitting on a black Friday at Smyths. I imagine that there will often be disappointment about the lack of a black Friday selection, they could probably determine the effectiveness of the strategy through the conversion rates of visitors to Black Friday. Once again, we have no access to these statistics, but it clearly disproves the tendency of leading UK retailers. We hope the next year's discounts will include clothing, and if it's the same as last year, the discounts will start on the 23rd of November, Thursday. It's worth noting that the Smyths Boxing Day Sale, which starts on Boxing Day, has 50% off many items. I get the impression that they want exactly what they want to do instead of Black Friday themselves.


Smyths Black Friday delivery;


Smyths has always been excellent with the Click and Collect service, you can buy anything at any price and pick it up the next day. We suggest that you collect on another day other than Black Friday, due to the apparent increase in the number of visitors to the stores. There is free shipping on orders over £ 50, and a standard charge of £ 3.99 if you do not meet this threshold, in which case you can better collect from the store.


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