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Space NK Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Space NK Black Friday statistical analysis:

Space NK Apotheke London is a cosmetics business with several locations worldwide. Famous for having several brands of high quality, the sales are sought by many people especially on Black Friday. Unfortunately, there has been no Space NK Black Friday sales so far. During the holiday season, however, regular discounts are granted. Please check the Space NK Black Friday section last year for more information. As a retailer, they may use the traffic generated by Black Friday and expect Existing Customers to search for discounts. The Black Friday really started in 2014, when about 8000 people were looking for Black Friday sales at Space nk. This increase increased by 300% in the following year and grew by a further 20% last year. The search for good authors makes it the 48th largest Black Friday Sale, which we will follow. It was also number 6 in the biggest cosmetics Black Friday sales of 2016. We suspect that there may be an additional discount on Black Friday for customers if they want to use this traffic. However, some companies are either not adapting to changes or want to keep company policy as in previous years. This can be for many reasons and to be honest, we do not have this statistics to make an accurate judgment about the strategy behind Space nk.

Space NK Black Friday last year:

As mentioned in the previous section, Space NK has not yet launched a structured Black Friday sales program. However, last November they had discounts on the pre-run until Christmas, namely; 25 free beauty products, if you spend £ 500, free mini candle with all orders, free cleaners with all orders and free makeup with all orders.

All these offers took place in November and lasted about five days each. The frequency with the give-aways can suggest that retailers sponsor the Space NK and spend the free samples to try and drum the future business. The only sale of the note came on Christmas Day, when they started the Boxing Day Sale. They had deals with up to 50% discount on selected items. One of the reasons why they do not want a Black Friday sale is that they could expect a loss when the product is heavily in demand in November. With a Boxing Day sale, they can be surplus stocks, After Christmas surplus. Given the cyclical nature of cosmetics, it is important to move the inventory that is currently in stock.

Space NK Delivery Information:

Space NK does not offer free pick-up in their stores. We have the option for delivery at home which is £ 4 for orders under £ 40 and for orders over £ 40 free.

Space NK Black Friday 2017 Summary:

Other space and key is one of their favorite cosmetics retailers, we believe we should have a black Friday sale in November. Even if it were only 10% off, this would meet existing customer demand for these products. But so little expectation that the Space NK Black Friday Sale will start this year, there are some deals regarding free products with their orders. In recent years, the demand for Black Friday is growing on space.nk, and when there is another year of growth, it seems as if they could use the Black Friday demand.

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