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Superdry Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Superdry Black Friday statistical analysis:

Last year, the dealer Superdry became the largest mid-range Black Friday sale in the UK for the more recent demographics. A brand for yourself, it is trendy clothing that includes both men and women sections. The demand for the sale has risen year by year, and although there was a discount on the last Black Friday, it was said that they did not quite impress the Black Friday. Real estate statistics ensure healthy reading in terms of the number of people visiting the website for Black Friday sales. In 2014, these nearly 100,000 people go to the website for Black Friday sales. The following year, they had an impressive increase in visitors from 124% to more than 200,000. Last year, in 2016, there was a small plateau with an additional 10% traffic. These figures delayed Superdry last year to the nigest Black Friday Sale in Great Britain. This is all the more surprising as their sales fell 20% on selected lines. In addition, the sale began on Black Friday itself, while other retailers had started earlier in the week. We really love Superdry here and would like to see larger discounts on a larger selection this year.

Superdry Black Friday and Christmas Sale 2016:

November was a particularly quiet month first superdry in terms of discounts, on the 19th they had 3 for 2 on gifts and this was followed with their Black Friday sale on Thursday night of the 24th.

As mentioned above, this was at 20% off selected lines. In December, Superdry had several sales, often with a small selection of clothes. Some examples would be; 20% off selected hoodies, 20% off selected t-shirts, 20% off selected jackets and 30% off knitwear. Let's lead to the main sale, which is on Christmas Eve, including 50% off on winter clothes. Superdry is particularly hard to predict because of the sheer number of sales they have and the small Rangers included. However, it is safe to say that they will be running a Black Friday sale, but we are not sure about the discount rate and last year we will assume that it will start the evening before Black Friday. In addition, the main sale will likely begin on Boxing Day.

Superdry Delivery and collection:

Although there are several shops all over the country, unfortunately no pick-up service from the shops is offered today. However, they have the excellent offer of free delivery on all orders, there is more than compensated for us.

Superdry Black Friday 2017 Summary:

We are very excited about the growth of Superdry and the upcoming Black Friday sale. Of course, would like to see a bigger discount on the day itself but 20% discount may be enough to lure loyal customers to spend that day. For the average consumer, other cells have larger discount rates so they can get back on the Christmas Eve for an early Boxing Day sale.

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