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Swarovski Black Friday 2017 Summary by Fiona

Swarovski Black Friday 2017 Summary:

Swarovski is an excellent source for big brand shoes, not least for coaches. So juggling and stopping so many brands, I can understand how it could be difficult to offer a long-running day, which is on several products. For this reason, they have often chosen discounts for the line and there is no sale on Black Friday. It will be interesting to see if Swarovski will promote Black Friday this year, as the number of visitors to the site has dropped dramatically over the past year, after having made little publicity for the event. This may be a corporate strategy to avoid the event, but obviously we do not know the cause behind it. Hoping for a discount for the whole page, I can speculate that it will be much the same this year.

Swarovski Black Friday statistical analysis from Black Friday experts:

Who loves sales loves Swarovski. They have this trend in selling almost every week both in store and online. The fashion retailer has been an integral part of our high street for decades, and its online presence has also developed over the last five years. This is a pot that is reflected in the Black Friday attendance we observed. In Britain, the Black Friday appeared only in 2014 and the SWAROVSKI it was great when there was a slight decrease of 40% in the 2016th We do not know the exact reasons for the slight decline in the last year, but we can hypothesize that there has been stronger competition from competitors, online advertising or the fact a 20% discount on all sales. That does not mean a 20% discount as a bad discount, only other retailers have larger discounts, which was also non-site-wide.

Swarovski Black Friday last year:

Swarovski is known to run sales several times a year, often in different garments, for example in early November Swarovski with 20% off dresses and bags, on the 14th they had a 20% discount on women's fashion online only. Interestingly, a week before Black Friday, Swarovski had 20% off all items on November 19th, followed by the Black Friday sale, which began on the wedding day on November 23rd. Sales item. Some of the sales items had up to 50% off, and with the additional 20%, the total savings were reduced by 60%. The main difference between the mid-November sale and Black Friday sale was the issue of sales items that had a discount. The sale lasted one week until November 30, followed by up to 30% off the sale of selected items. The sale followed until December, where by May 5 up to 30% fell off everything. Towards the end of December they had additional discounts on party clothes, shirts and gifts. Along with the Boxing Day Sale, which started on Christmas Day. This feature tag sale is 50% off.

Swarovski Black Friday delivery:

Swarovski does not offer Click and Collect services. For orders over £ 50, however, you will receive a free standard delivery. If your purchase is below the threshold, the standard delivery costs £ 3.99.

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